Why M32

Get the M32 team online adverting experts on your side


The deck is often stacked against publishers in the online advertising game. Agencies, networks, brokers and platform providers can all take a bite of your online advertising revenue pie. The toughest part is knowing what those players are taking and whether or not it's fair.

The M32 team of online adverting experts puts the power of insider knowledge to work for you. We work according to a set of values that drive the way we do business and even more importantly our relationship with our partners. Integritytransparency and collaboration are the code we work by. We believe that when our partners understand how things work, they can make the right decisions.

Our focus is to make sure that our partners have a fully-optimized digital advertising set up. Our experience in monetization, data and software development allow us to come up with innovative and economical solutions to problems. To solve problems, we will collaborate directly with technology providers. We do what it takes to help our partners keep the biggest possible piece of their advertising revenue pie.


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